Saturday, July 18

Summer Bible Studies

There are two Lifeway online summer Bible studies that I am doing this summer and fall.  These studies consist of
  • purchasing your book
  • doing the weekly Bible reading and question/answer pages
  • watching the short video from the workbook's author.
After watching the video, you can leave comments and read the comments, so it is almost like being in the group study with them in person.

I'm doing Seamless by Angie Smith first, along with a friend that I get together with in person.  Click the image to get started!  In the Fall, I plan to do What Love Is by Kelly Minter.  Click that image if you'd like to start that one now.

I was born and raised in a church and I have been a Christian for 40 years.  The Seamless study is still teaching me new things.  That's how the Spirit of God works -- always revealing new things when you need them most.    Seamless brings the entire Word of God together in chronological order and we dig into why these particular historical stories are included in God's Word.

If you are looking for a new study or if you enjoy building relationships and communicating through the web, try one of these!  You can go at your own pace and watch the videos anytime you'd like.

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