Aug 12, 2010

Dick's Last Resort

Dick's Last Resort should be, yes, your last resort, but you knew that going in. The girls took me here for dinner during our stay at Myrtle Beach. I guess maybe one should experience it once in a lifetime, I suppose.
The object at Dick's is for the wait staff to treat you as rudely and crudely as possible. The girls warned me, so I was OK with it and besides, there are tons of signs reminding you not to be "a stick in the mud." The peer pressure's tough. You have to be young, hip, and oh so cool, you know, or just, like.... leave. First, you sit at a table with strangers, family style. We sat with a group of nine young, cool, hip older teens from Jersey. (Woodbridge) (with friends in Hillsboro) And all I could think of the rest of the night was Stuff Yer Face. Yes, I wanted it bad.

The staff then threw papers at us and said "Here's your plates." Ditto with the utensils and straws, it was up to us to pass them around. I traded a set of utensils for a plate. They have a short menu on the wall and they scream at you to order. Can you guess which parts of the chicken you get when you order the Dolly Parton? The drinks are all set on the edge of the table and it's up to you to sort them out and pass them around. Same with the food, when it comes. You may, or may not, get what you ordered. At some point, they sneak up and place a hat on your head with something funny written on it. Usually something vulgar unless you have really small kids at the table or, say, me. I think they toned it down a little for me. My hat said, "Talk is cheap and so am I."
It's fun to do something so totally different, but the food wasn't great and my bill for three was $50. or more. The fried pickles appetizer was awesome, I did like that. Marj and I split the ribs and wings, I had the ribs. They were good, not great, but not horrible. I left the place thinking, "We have got to stop letting the young, hip and ultra-cool be in charge of this country." Which, naturally, left me feeling like.... well.... a stick in the mud.
But the next morning? I was totally back in my environment of choice:


dad said...

They grow up all too fast...ready to leave the nest!

Mowenackie said...

I guess I'm a stick in the mud, too! I have no desire to pay for people to be rude to me. Hell, I can go almost anywhere and get that for free!

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought your FAVORITE place was Starbux!!

Poof said...

Well, Starbucks is still my favorite place and they are (almost) never rude.
I'm glad to know I'm not the only stick in the mud in the world!

Patti said...

thats ok mama, i would have been a stick in the mud too, and i'm half your age! lol