Friday, October 24

Danny DeVito in Steal My Girl Video with One Direction

The tiniest flicker of hope for humanity rising up out of the ashes and smoke of what America used to be has brought me out of my hibernation for a quick gasp of this beautiful, pepperminty-cool, life-sustaining fresh air before it dissipates.

Any guesses?

It'll surprise you.

You can let your kids watch it.

It's Steal My Girl by One Direction. 

Actually, it's the video for the song.

Before you watch it, let me comment that it is a wholesome love song you haven't heard in a few decades.  It is encouraging and sweet, and will elevate your spirit for high school sweethearts worldwide.  It is naive and pure with no vulgar language or scenes, it doesn't objectify anyone.  And it is creative.  Somebody, somewhere put on their creative hat and resisted the urge to paint their canvas with the filth our artists have been using with lazy lasciviousness recently.  Bravo!

Wednesday, March 26

Thursday, February 6

Save Your Facebook Look Back Video to Your Computer

It's been fun watching all the Look Back videos on Facebook as the company celebrates its tenth anniversary.  With one click, Facebook will create a quick video featuring some of your top moments on your Facebook page.  If you haven't made yours, go to this URL while you're on Facebook.

Once you have your video up on Facebook, you will probably want to download it to your computer.  It's a little complicated, but if you follow these instructions, you can do it.....

Monday, January 27

10 Unique Valentine's Ideas


It's time now to start your DIY Valentine's Day projects and I've gathered some of my Internet favorites for you.  Valentine's Day used to be my favorite holiday; hearts, my favorite shape.  I used to make cards smothered in Victorian lace, glittered hearts and gooey love cliche's.  But this year, I'll let you do the work.

My #1 Favorite Valentine's Gift Idea for 2014:
Cookie Dough......

Thursday, January 23

Why We Love Venice (And You Should, Too!)

We visited Venice in May of 2012.  We spent a delicious, rainy, exhausting, exhilarating 2 days in Venice and wished we had more.  With the not-so-friendly Venetians and the way-too-many tourists, it's not a place to which I want to return more than once.  But it's a place I insist everyone must see.

Seven Top Reasons We Love Venice (And You Should, Too!)

1.  Cars aren't allowed in Venice......

Best Chili in Columbia, SC: Chili Cook-Off

Do you think you make the best chili in the SC Midlands?  Share your chili recipe with over 500 chili-tasters from 5 - 8 pm on Saturday, March 1, 2014 in the Ellison Building at the State Fairgrounds to participate in the 16th Annual Chili Cook-Off hosted by The Palladium Society.

To enter, you must register by 4:00 pm on Feb. 25, 2014 along with paying a $20 fee.   Your registration fee covers your chili entry and two tickets - one for you and one for a guest.....

Wednesday, January 22

Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building Up Close Tours End Soon

The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) is a magnificent thing.

You cannot grasp the size of this structure unless you view it up close and personal.   Look closely at the photo above, there is a regular size tour bus parked in front of it right at the center, under that bright white spot.  The VAB stands 525' tall, contains 45,000 tons of steel and the building alone has a 3-acre footprint.  She was built to withstand a hurricane and she did.

KSC has been offering up-close tours for a limited time after the closing of the Shuttle program.  KSC will discontinue these tours on February 11, 2014 so they can put the old girl back to work.  As a working spaceflight facility, the VAB will be put to use again for the new SLS launch systems for 2017.

The KSC Up-Close VAB Tour includes a tour of the VAB with an expert guide, a tour in which you can see firsthand where vehicles were assembled for launch.  Extra stops include a panoramic view of all launch pads from the NASA Causeway and the Apollo/Saturn V Center. This tour also includes General Admission to KSC.  The tour is 2 hours and costs $75 per adult, $59 for kids 3-11.  The General Admission includes tons of stuff - enough for two full days of fun at KSC - and includes the Astronaut Hall of Fame and a tour of the retired shuttle Atlantis.

NASA knows how to give an up-close and personal tour.  I've been given a few as part of their NASA Social program.  Read more here:

NASA Up-Close and Personal with the Mobile Launcher
NASA Up-Close and Personal with the new Swamp Works Research and Development Lab
NASA: Up-Close and Personal for a Rocket Launch
NASA: Up-Close and Personal with Astronaut Ron Garan
NASA: Up-Close and Personal with Astronaut Doug Wheelock with an Emergency on the ISS

The VAB was originally built to vertically assemble the Saturn V rocket.....

Friday, January 17

Hidden Falls, a Serial Novel Released in 13 Weekly Episodes

Hidden Falls is a 13 part serial novel in electronic format by Olivia Newport from Shiloh Run Studios that will be released by Barbour Books in weekly episodes starting January 24 2014.  I'm excited to see how this will play out.  Much like your favorite TV series, this story will have you waiting all week to see "what happens next."

The first episode has been released early and you can download it for free right now. 

Episode One introduces the folks of Hidden Falls, a central Illinois community on the banks of Whisper Lake.....

Thursday, January 9

Goncalves is Out, Annie Seels is Out, Dakar 2014

We're They're up to Stage Five on the Dakar now.  In which Paulo Goncalves looked a little like this:

Goncalves had to retire from the race, I hate that.  Here's part of the official Stage 5 Dakar report:
After four days of racing, a good number of the favourites on the Dakar have already suffered for various reasons or even returned home in some cases. Marc Coma, however, chose the morning of the 5th stage to burst into action and strike a major blow against all his rivals, whether named Cyril Despres, already in difficulty the day before......

Tuesday, January 7

Polar Vortex Affects Stonecarvers

The Polar Vortex, that "lobe" of dense, cold air that detached from the North Pole and is hovering over North America, has settled upon my son's workplace.   Today, he is lumbering his way through the Vortex because the show must go on.  Somebody needs to make the donuts.  He's bringing home the bacon.  And all that.
I'm just glad I'm in working by the fire.

... And I'm glad for Instagram... so I'm Insta in his life.  His momma all over it.
... And I'm proud that my son can wear something pink.  And be OK with it.

Saturday, January 4

Dakar 2014: Welcome to January

Each January, while everyone is making new years resolutions, I am reminded of one of my big regrets in life -- that I didn't finish journalism school at USC.  Having completed three years, I quit before my senior year, married, had kids and enjoyed life tremendously.

But each January, I really, really regret not being a journalist covering the Dakar.  The Dakar is a thirty-year old, extreme desert race for cars, trucks, and bikes, a two-week test of endurance that has cost some their lives, others, their health or bike and many, their desire to ever do it again.

There was a time when I "covered" the Dakar (and 2010 coverage) for The Race Shop.  Glory days.  The Race Shop closed after James' final Dakar rally.....

Monday, December 30

How Healthy are the Products You Use Everyday? GoodGuide App Helps You Buy Smarter

I've recently been concerned about the everyday products I ingest through the air or through my skin everyday such as makeup, lotions, hair products, air fresheners, candles, etc.  Things we don't usually think much about, but use repeatedly.

Trying to buy smarter is challenging.  It takes a chemist to interpret ingredients listed on a label.  It takes a lobbyist or activist to interpret a company's environmental stance.

Not anymore!  Try the GoodGuide App.  This app has all the product information you want with the touch of a button.

I just downloaded the GoodGuide app and scanned my Crest Toothpaste.....