Wednesday, February 7

CDC Vaccination Schedule is too Aggressive, Needs More Studies

The synergistic effect of the CDC's aggressive vaccine schedule HAS to be studied for safety. It's catastrophically unchecked & I dare say negligent. Our kids are in peril. #soangry

Before 1991, there were only 29 doses of 3 vaccines. After 1991, there were 46 doses of 16 Vaccines.  My children born before 91 had no issues and my child born after 91 had a mysterious allergy the Dr attributed to dust and eczema.   Since the late eighties, vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued.  But in 2008 the Vaccine injury compensation program was developed.  It has since then paid out 3 billion dollars.  Look up the Hannah Polen case.

Are we really going to wait until the autism rate is one in two?   Or that every single child has a chronic illness by age 3? (Food allergies,  Eczema, seizure disorders, GI issues and learning disabilities)

This is one problem.  The second problem is the escalating rate of cancer among adults.   I believe the studies are being suppressed here as well so that we can continue to have cell phones, WiFi,  dirty electricity, gmos, plastics and a variety of toxins literally everywhere.

I am at a loss on how I can make a difference.

If you would like to learn more, I point you to Miller's Critical Review of Vaccine Studies and The Vaccine Friendly Plan.

Tuesday, January 2

New Year's Resolutions

 We had a lot of fun New Year's Eve and don't we look tough in this picture?

I devoted last year to wellness and trying homeopathic and integrated options.  Some things I have kept in my life on a regular basis (dandelion root tea, gall bladder wrap, essential oils, etc), some things I have discarded (turmeric tea, yoga).   I had every intention of writing more about it for you but I did not feel like blogging.
 This year, I have decided my focus will be relationships.  Won't that be interesting?  Infusing my relationships with intention.
I have added a new and very interesting client and I'm changing my role with another client. One I expect to be fun while the other will be a challenge and, I anticipate, not much enjoyable. It is not the direction I wanted to go with my work and probably will not like it.  But… one should always try.  I might be surprised.

Saturday, September 23

Cell Phones and WiFi Proving to be Dangerous to Health

I've a growing concern about the health damages we incur from increased cell phone and WiFi use, the carcinogenic factors from the RF and EMF radiation.  More and more studies are coming in and proving this to be true.  Environmental Toxins Information

In this past week's Thriving Child Summit, Dr. Libby Darnell, DC gave us some practical tips for reducing our health risks from. EMFs.  I'm going to summarize them below for you.  Following that, you can see a video from 2014 wherein Dr. Devra Davis, author of Disconnected, presented the scientific data supporting this claim about wireless radiation.  Worst Wireless Products

Safety Tips for the Home - find more:  EMF Action Guide.

Baby Monitors.  There isn't a safe one on the market.  If you really must have one, try to have just audio and not visual which has a stronger signal and keep it as far away from your baby as possible.

Computers. Try to have them wired, not WiFi.  If not wired, say on a laptop or chromebook, etc, don't use it when it's plugged in, that makes it worse.  When plugged in, you're using a worse type of current.  Your cell phone is worse when it's plugged in as well.  Using a laptop is safer than using a desktop because desktops have to be plugged in.  Using a laptop with WiFi turned off is even better.  If you have to use a desktop, there are filters you can buy to clean dirty electricity.  Use two filters per desktop.

WiFi.  The ideal situation is to have everything wired and skip the WiFi.  If you must have WiFi, go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get an outlet timer.  Plug your power cord for your WiFi into that timer and set it to be off at night when you're not using it. Give your family a span where it's not transmitting.  Also, have the router as far as away as possible, especially away from your kids.

Cell Phones:  As much as possible, keep your cell phone in airplane mode with the WiFi turned off, especially for your children.  Why do they need a cell phone anyway?  The radiation penetrates their brains much deeper, much worse than adult brains.  If your kids are playing games on the cell phone, you can have it in airplane mode with the WiFi turned off.  Always use head sets, never use Blue Tooth. There are actually warnings deep in your phone's settings about not using your headset.  Laws are being drawn up to ensure cell phones must be sold with headsets.

Keep your cell phones away from your body as much as possible.  Keep it near a window so every time it looks for a signal, it is not pinging your body.  Studies are proving that cell phones stored in a woman's bra have directly led to breast cancer.  Studies are proving that cell phones in men's pockets are leading to infertility.

Teenagers seem to be especially difficult to convince to take this issue seriously.  As a parent, do what it takes to protect their health.  Dr. Libby's advice?  Bribery actually works.  Monitor their phones.  Each time you find it in airplane mode with the WiFi off, you reward them.

If you are pregnant and need to use your cell phone a lot, there is a uterine cover you can purchase

Electric Meters.  Most electric companies now use Smart Meters to monitor your electricity usage.  These smart meters transfer information a set amount of times and each time it is responding, it is dangerous to your health.

Look at your electric meter.  If you have 5 clock looking things, you’re ok, it's still analog.  If there’s a number, digital number, you need to take action.  If you have a digital meter, call the electric company.   Find out how often that signal is transmitted, and is it transmitted through space or through wire?  Then you can purchase a material, similar to tin foil, to put around the meter, wrap it, look for videos on how to do it – don’t want to focus it to your neighbors, either, encase the whole thing.  Some companies come out and do it.  You, legally, aren’t supposed to touch the meter.

Also, you could call and see if you can opt out, swap your digital meter for analog, which might require a small fee.  I recommend paying the fee to have someone come out and read it. 

Where is that meter located?  Do you have a child sleeping next to that wall?  Move them away right now.  Same thing with major electronics.  Fuse boxes and main energy sources, get kids away from them, a WiFi router – get it away from blasting yourself.  Fridges give out a lot of dirty electricity as well.
Light Bulbs.  Light bulbs have become an issue for dirty electricity now as well.  Just use the old fashioned ones, they are a lot safer.  LED Bulbs.
Microwaves.  Just don't use them.  If you must use one, stand as far away from it as possible while it is in action.

Here are some tips for cleaning yourself from your exposure to EMF and RF radiation.  First, test your house and buy filters.  Then, take an Epsom bath daily or several times a week.  Spend a few minutes each day with your bare feet in the dirt.  Spend a few minutes each day simply standing on tin foil.  Yes, this works, all that excess energy flows out into the foil.  Do it at night while brushing your teeth. 

Should you use those expensive grounding mats or grounding sheets?  If you're in the US, England or Australia – don’t do it.  If you do it, you’ll be bringing IN that dirty electricity.  You’re plugging in a very expensive fabric covered tin foil.  You plug it in, then you’re bringing that electricity into it and then you lay on it.  That dirty electricity goes through it.  If you stand on it NOT plugged in, it works.  But it works just like tin foil!  Just buy tin foil.  Check your symptoms of radio wave sickness here.

Once you are protecting your children at home, what should you do about school or the dance studio or wherever they spend a lot of time?  Find out where their WiFi routers are located and make sure your child is not near them.  Then offer to buy filters for the classroom.  Talk to the principal or school superintendent.  Arm yourself with research from Stetzer Electric.  Once they are aware of this, they may offer to test the rooms for dirty electricity and put filters as needed.  Some people get shielding clothing for their children, but this is usually difficult for the children.  France has already outlawed dirty electricity and more places are outlawing WiFi in public schools.

The following research is from 2014.  I'm sure there is updated information elsewhere, but this can get you started.  The labyrinth of YouTube is exhausting to me.  Besides, I need to go get my feet in the dirt right now.  Love you, mean it!

Monday, April 24

Female Glider Pilot Sarah Arnold Ready for the WGC Czech Republic

“I’ve had times when I really didn’t like what was going on with my points,” Glider Pilot Sarah Arnold said, “but I’ve never had a scary situation.  I mean, you have to plan ahead.  If you don’t find a thermal, you have to land in a field below you.  I’ve landed in lots of fields, but I can’t say that I’ve been afraid of them because I planned well.”  She confirmed what I had been hearing, that Thursday in the 2017 R5N contest was an ambitious task, that five pilots landed out and that some didn’t get back to Perry until 7:00.

Arnold runs a flying school near Chattanooga, TN, the Chilhowee Glider Port.  “Pilots all over the country know where Perry, SC is because of Al and Rhonda Tyler,” Arnold told me.  She enjoys the challenge of gliding, how every day is different and a glider pilot in competition never knows what conditions they’ll be facing on the course.  

In this area of SC, 4,000 – 6,000 feet altitude is expected for a glider.  In this contest, 4 – 5 hours in the air is typical.  Everything depends on the weather, the thermals.  The pilots have an estimated start-time each day, but it all depends on the weather.  

The Region 5 North contest has four different classes for competition, mostly based upon wing size.  The Open Class has the biggest wing span, 20 meters.  Then there’s the 18 meter class, the 15 meter class and the Sports class.  Each class has a daily winner.  Add up the daily points and the cumulative points for the week is the winner in each class.  The Soaring Society keeps the records and a pilot’s ranking helps them get into the busy contests, like Perry’s.  

Each day, a task is given in each class.  The task is to get inside the radius of each designated location which is then recorded on the pilot’s GPS.  Each pilot has to complete his task in a certain time frame.  Going below the time frame results in a penalty.  With a Turn Area Task, the pilot just has to touch inside that area to count.  If a pilot is not confident in the weather, he can just touch each area and go, but if a pilot is confident, he can fly to the back of the designated area and fly a longer distance.  That is what differentiates the pilots.  The task is scored by the total distance and the speed.  The speed is the pilot’s time divided by the distance.  Maintaining time is part of the challenge, figuring out how to stay up there.  The pilot who flies through the strongest thermals and flies through the most rising air from other sources is the pilot who will win.

Pilots are passing each other often, navigating mostly with their eyes.  Pilots have to infer where to find rising air based on the clouds or something on the ground that might be a source of thermal, but if they see another glider circling and rising, they can just follow and not poke around looking for a thermal.

Gliders are fairly low weight and carry water as a ballast.  It helps to be light while going up, but once they are up there, it helps to be heavy, to go farther.  In some cases, pilots are dumping water early, but normally they try to keep it as long as possible for the advantage of being heavier -- higher speed due to more mass.

Sarah Arnold was the only female competing at Perry this year.  She is preparing to compete in the Women's Glider Championship in the Czech Republic next month and she has medaled in a previous WGC in France.