Thursday, October 18

52 Weeks: FASTer Way to Fat Loss

So.... I did it. I signed up for six weeks of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program with Coach Patti Holsenback.  #FWTFL

There is a big learning curve, but Patti is patient and very good with instructions. Also, the first week is all about learning, you don't start the work for real until the second week.

I never had trouble with fat loss until I was in my forties and then it became a real problem. But this program is great, I feel great and am not usually hungry.

Patti also is a certified Pre- and Post- Natal Fitness Coach and Nutritionist. She works to improve diastasis recti, incontinence and more. She also hosts a strong core / strong mom workshop, offers free downloads, writes a column for a local newspaper and has a blog that she occasionally remembers to write on.

Speaking of Right-On!

This wellness thing has been working out great, the year just gets better and better.  I've experienced better wellness all year long, I really feel great.

Monday, October 15

52 Weeks: Max Living Chiropractic Care

So.... I did it. I've started seeing a chiropractor and it has seriously enhanced my wellness journey.

I chose a MaxLiving near me and I lovvve the staff. Max Living promotes five essentials to live your best life.

1.  Core Chiropractic
2.  Nutrition
3.  Mindset
4.  Oxygen & Exercise
5.  Minimize Toxins

I know, right?!  Basically the stuff I've been doing this year in my 52 weeks of wellness. So I signed up immediately to add that chiropractic care to my routine.  They swear a person can get off all medicines under their care.  Now that I still can't quite believe since I have cancer and take chemo.  But.... we'll see.

Meanwhile.... I've been thinking about joining a dating website as part of my 52 weeks.  ((nervously bites nails))  What do you think?  I think I'd hate it.

Tuesday, October 9

Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women

Young women are bombarded by too many body-image messages today. Messages from many different types of media and now social media -- how do they know which messages to filter out? Which to follow?

As adults, we learn to turn to God's Word for advice and direction, but sometimes it's harder for a young woman to find the Word attractive or easy to read. Or perhaps the Bible has left them perplexed on being a Godly woman when so many of the examples are about men.

Does your teenage daughter know her true value and identity? Does she have a guide that quickly and easily gives her Biblical examples?

As quickly as a snap, as creatively as an IG post, the devotions in Beloved fit the pace of the twenty-first century young woman.

Each day features a verse, an explanation, a motivation and a question. There's space for journaling and even art journaling, which is all the rage right now.

This book will make an excellent gift for a 6th or 8th grade graduation or a gift to enhance your mother/daughter puberty facts of life talk. It would also be a great gift for the girls in your Sunday School class or youth group. Or -- in my case -- a great gift for my granddaughter.

Purchase your copy of Beloved:365 Devotions for Young Women at Christian Book Distributors, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Disclaimer:  I work with handlebar publishing to review books on my blog.  I received the book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, September 26

52 Weeks: Oil Pulling

I've added oil pulling to my routine, 2 x a week or so, in my 52 weeks to wellness.

It's difficult at first. It's so gross. I hate coconut oil to begin with. Then to swish it around in my mouth for 10 - 20 minutes without swallowing is just difficult.

I know that you know this, but I have to say it:  Spit it out in the trash, not your sink as it will clog the drains.

My hints:
1. Do it while watching TV.  For me?  Also while walking around the living room.  If I stand still, I'll swallow some or gag, I don't know why.  Guess I have to keep my mind off it.
2. I have no other hints. Just do it.  Breathe through your nose, don't swallow, spit in the trash. That's it.

Saturday, August 25

The Memory A Nightmare, Chapter One

The upturned nose came bobbing through a field of daisies created a long time before the girl.

The second thing I remembered was the bird.  An owl, possibly, something squat, slightly predatory, definitely out of place, as was the girl.

I finished my espresso and grimaced as it went down, keeping my gaze on the girl. And the bird.

The only other recurring memory I have from that time is that of water dripping.  Amazing acoustics, really, for such an annoying sound.  The tempo kept me alive now that I think about it.

Monday, August 13

52 Weeks: FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Patti Holsenback

This is a photo of my macros on My Fitness Pal app and you can see this was a "Low Carb Day."  I'm a meat-eater so I kind of like Low Carb Day.

In my 52 Weeks to better living, I've engaged in a 6 week program with FASTer Way to Fat Loss and Patti Holsenback.

This requires some time -- meal planning and prep -- but seems like a pretty healthy way to eat.  Intermittent Fasting.  I'm learning as I go, but Patti is a GREAT teacher, coach and champion.

Give it a shot!

Patti Holsenback is a pre- and post- natal fitness coach and runs a Strong Core, Strong Mom workshop that is amazing.  She also leads the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, too, and maybe a few other things.  She's also passed the SC Bar and is a lawyer, but she's a stay at home mom currently.

Thursday, August 9

Short Story Dispensers Columbia SC

Columbia, SC - With the push of a button, Richland Library is bringing one, threeand five-minute doses of literary joy to local readers.
Three Short Story Dispensers are now on display at our Main location (1431 Assembly Street), and eventually, these dispensers are making their way to other library locations and designated community spots around Richland County.
How does it work? The dispensers distribute a randomly printed story from a
catalog of thousands, covering a range of genres. Then, people can save their
short stories, share them with family and friends or leave them in places for others to find. Also, keep the stories going by sharing photos, using SetStoriesFree.
Richland Library is one of four libraries to receive Short Story Dispensers
as part of Public Library Association's (PLA) Fostering Creative Community Connections project. The other three libraries are:

Akron - Summit County (OH) Public Library

Free Library of Philadelphia (PA)

Wichita (KS) Public Library
Currently, there are 150 Short Story Dispensers installed or about to be installed with a goal to promote reading, community engagement, library programs and services, and creative expression from diverse writers.
Stay tuned, Richland Library plans to release details in fall 2018 on how local writers can contribute to future content in the Short Story Dispensers. For questions, please contact Emily Stoll at 803-587-3637 or email
About Richland Library
Richland Library is a vibrant, contemporary organization that provides resources
and information that advance the Midlands. Offering state-of-the-art technology, a variety of literary and cultural programs and 11 bustling facilities located throughout the county, Richland Library offers a truly customizable, modern library experience for residents and visitors alike.

Monday, August 6

52 Weeks: Essential Oils

I've added essential oils to my life and I've really been enjoying them.  I can't say that they actually help with my health though, I can't tell.  But I love using them - they smell good and seem to be beneficial to health just because of what they are.

I purchased a box of roller ball bottles with labels from Amazon.  I purchased this oil diffuser.  This is my second one.  My first had a wood look and was beautiful, but it started making a noise when it was running and I had to get another diffuser.  By that time, the wood looking one had gone way up in price and I couldn't afford it.  So I got this one, which is OK.

After googling essential oil recipes, I've mixed some up and am using my roller ball to apply.  I have one mix for headaches, one for energy, one for immunity aid and one for allergies and colds.  I'll make more soon.

I get my oils from Plant Therapy and once in awhile from Young Living.  The quality of your oils really matters and differs between companies.

Monday, July 30

52 Weeks: Exercise Bands

So I picked up these exercise bands from Amazon. I thought they were a LOT bigger, but they are small.  I'm using them with my arm and leg exercises to provide a little resistance.

Y'know.... 52 weeks to being a better person.  Week #31 and all that.

Tuesday, July 24

52 Weeks: Spinal Health, Capital City Chiropractic

(Pictured: a device that loosens my spine as I use it each morning)

As we approach the Fall, I want to update my 52 Weeks series a little bit.  Upon the new year, I resolved to try each week to add something beneficial to my life. To get healthier and/or happier. Healing and wholeness, spiritually and physically.

I've been doing it faithfully, I just haven't been blogging about it.

But I'll tell you what -- it's made me become way too busy. There's way too many things I have to do each day now, so some of them I've cut down to just do a few times a week.  Either way, I'm way too busy and one of these weeks, my healthy thing to do will be to drop something, lol.

In this post, I want to say that I've gone to Capital City Chiropractic Maximum Living and they assessed my spine.  I'm receiving a 4 - 5 month regimen to regain my spinal health and improve my posture.

 (Pictured: I wiggle and exercise on this thing to loosen my spine each morning.)

This chiropractor, Dr. Tim Losby swears I'll be able to go off all my meds when he's through with me.  I have doubts....

I have blood cancer and I am on chemo.  I can't imagine my spine will fix blood cancer, but we'll see.

I certainly believe in the 5 Essentials that they preach:
  1. Minimize Toxins.
  2. Maximized Mind.
  3. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle.
  4. Maximized Nerve Supply.
  5. Maximized Quality Nutrition.

And the 3 Tenements stressed by Maximum Living:


Also, Dr. Losby says, "


 Amen, brother!  Let's do this.

Tuesday, June 5

Endangered Species: surviving the attack on America's middle class, by Steve Maslar

"If history repeats itself, we are on the verge of tremendous opportunity, as people awaken to reality, becoming increasingly resolute and informed.  In other words America's, and consequently, the world's plight is serious indeed, but it need not be ruinous if we focus on the real problems.

We will endure hardship, the magnitude of which few Americans alive today have ever seen, in the near future based on actions in the past. 

We cannot avoid significant pain at this point. However, we can take the system down together, safely and intelligently, and rebuild it to something better than ever before. Alternatively, we can deny reality or muddle in despair until the psychotic ruling class destructively run the world's greatest culture into the ground and take everybody else with them."

 - From Endangered Species: surviving the attack on America's middle class, by Steve Maslar.

We are currently looking for a publisher, editor, or literary agent. 

Contact me for more information or for a copy to read. This book is not just the author's opinion, it is full of documentation and facts.

Sunday, May 27

Teach Kids About Unanswered Prayer

Benji is 5 1/2.  He celebrates two birthdays annually, one for the whole number and one for the half fraction. When he figures out there are multiple fractions, we will be in trouble.

I'm concerned for Benji because he has a lot of worries going on and he's too private or shy to address them. So they simmer. Then they blow. But there is a type that doesn't blow, it simmers and comes to a rolling boil of anxiety we know nothing about. Or so I suspect.

In the past, he has learned that a genuine promise from an adult he trusts still might not come true. I can see him mentally walking a tightrope determining if what I say could possibly fail. And I just want to hug him.

His other grandma, "Gammy" and I were going on a cruise together just over a year ago and Benji was disturbed that Gammy was going to fall overboard, never to return.  We insisted that would not happen, we promised she would return. She didn't fall overboard, but she didn't return, either, due to a fatal car crash. I look back and wonder why he knew she wasn't returning, he was very adamant about her falling overboard. Maybe because she limped. That makes sense. But there's a part of me that thinks he has some spiritual insight and that would explain the extreme worry.

So he's turned 5 1/2 and he has discovered another BIG worry in life.  Not only do adults make promises that can remain unfulfilled, but God Himself can be shaky.  He can decide NOT to give you what you pray for.

Kids assume if you teach them to pray, that God will answer their requests exactly as requested. Isn't it odd that I never thought about this.

He and I prayed the other day and subsequently I mentioned how much fun it will be IF God gives us what we asked for - I think it was that his daddy would come home early. Benji was stunned. He narrowed his eyes at me and said, "But we prayed for it, so God will do it."  Then I saw every failed tenet on playback in his brain.

Now I was the surprised one.  Really?  We never taught him about unanswered prayer?

We then discussed it. Benji was concerned at first, then he saw some benefit of a God who can see the future and not give us what we ask for.

I'm over-thinking our encounter. I fear I have burdened him even more. Look at me -- worrying about his worrying. Join me?