Jan 14, 2009

Every Moment is a Choice, a Decision to be Made

I'm working two opposite ends of the spectrum today. One the one hand, I'm flitting haphazardly through the mall of inspiring, upbeat, motivational views of Seth Godin, Tim Siedell, and Mark McGuinness, trying on ideas and opinions and observations like clothes in bright, offbeat colors. I often play with and love to view offbeat colors and textures, but rarely wear them.
And on the other hand, I'm paddling silently through the brackish waters of Kathleen Norris and the likes of Madeline L'Engle &, while not exactly the same, but still spiritually murky & thick... Phil Johnson, reverently navigating around the tall, historic, solid cyprus roots of acedia, spiritual obscurities and certainties.... Mmmmm, drifting lazily around familiar shadows and sounds, when suddenly, I'm back in the blinking lights and sounds of the mall, shopping for a new idea, celebrating this evolved world of technology and idealistic work environments, individualized, personalized and fitted for each and every personality or temperament. A hippie-like reaction to the cookie-cutter "dark suit, briefcase & always home by 5" mentality of the workforce of the 20th century. Avant-garde is the new weird.
A friend wrote me the other day, "See, I can be weird like you." I've always suspected that I am weird, but this was the first confirmation, other than my mother, and certainly the first written confirmation. Lucky me, in today's climate, it's a badge of honor. The world is mine for the taking. Is it weird to wake up and decide what kind of day you're going to have? Is that weird or "creative control?" Call it reconfiguration. Is it weird to think like a Senorita today and a Fraulein tomorrow? To pop into the library and peruse a newspaper from a foreign country and to listen to music in a foreign language?

What's the point of a culturally diverse environment and a global awareness if you're not going to personalize it, adopt it, make it pertinent to your day, your life...
If you must get in a carline, drive thru gridlock or sit in a cubicle every day {{I shudder}}, why not shake it up a bit? Broaden your horizons. Think outside the box. Monday - Friday should not be exact duplicates, cookie-cutter days. Be the artistic director of your day, your life. Take control. When you have to do mundane, routine things, jazz 'em up a bit, infuse them with some funk, some attitude. Take a step back & look at things from a different angle.

Every single moment is a choice. Take ownership of that choice. Spice it up. Let's eradicate dead-end faces plodding through life anticipating 5:00 Friday or the increasingly elusive retirement. Your life is now. Pursue it doggedly, imaginatively and aggressively.
What if today was your last day. Can you go out with a smile? Fond memories? Or would you have done something differently?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to see what's around that bend.


Anonymous said...

Your Mother has NEVER EVER thought you OR called you weird!!! How do I know I'M your Mother, please rescind that statement oh daughter of mine or else you'll get a time out!!

David said...

Poof, I believe you are right on the mark with this post. Especially good to be reminded of in these days and times.

The Seeker said...

weird (wîrd) adj. weird·er, weird·est
1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of the preternatural or supernatural. 2. Out of the ordinary 3. Unconventional

That is what I meant, not "goofy" weird! That would be Tom! Ha!

Love ya!