Jul 21, 2012

Swimming Holes of Linville Falls, NC, Upper Creek

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So we returned to Linville Falls for the July 4th holiday and we found something new.

Something spectacular.

Two new swimming holes.....

OK, so one is not very private, a lot of people know about it and it even has its own parking area.

There were 2 other families there when we arrived. 
Soon after, we had it to ourselves for awhile.

Tommy and Grayson went down stream to fish and came back with stories of a swimming hole so grand, so magnificent, that we had to pack up and go see it.

I tried to go.  I really did.  But I knew I could not climb those rocks without falling in and at 48, I don't really like to fall anymore.  So I stayed back.
They went on without me.

And I swear, when I turned back and climbed back up to our original semi-private swimming hole?  It suddenly had 50 or more people there!

Where did they come from??
It was like a twilight zone thing.
Nobody was there and suddenly
everyone was there.
I didn't even see them coming.
I found a quiet spot, sat down with my feet in the water and dug out my Nook.

Meanwhile.... downstream....

The kids were having a blast.
And Tom.

Until they were totally exhausted.

 And attempted the climb back up stream.  Patti, 5 months pregnant, fell in a hole. 
So her father dived in after her, pushed her up and out, and got stuck himself.
The guys pulled him out.
Then Tommy tripped.
While holding his rod and fishing gear.
And Grayson turned to see what was wrong.
And got the hook smack in the forehead.

And so we got to visit the Linville Falls hospital and can say they have an awesome emergency room.  The doctors and nurses were great and the guys were back in the cabin in time for a late night dinner.

Travel Info:
To get to the swimming holes:  Take 221 up to Linville Falls and turn onto 183 at Linville Falls.  The road turns sharp left at the Pisgah Wilderness Area.  Follow 183 many miles out to where it dead ends on 181.  Turn right on 181.  The parking area will be several miles out on your left.  It is not well marked, but is a large gravel parking area.  Look for parked cars.  The water is Upper Creek.  It's a 15 minute hike down to the water.  Take a backpack with lunch and water.  Keep the waters cold in this fashion:

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Unknown said...

Is this located in linville falls where is it how do you get there am planning a trip and we would love to swim but in the trip advisor it told us that you could not swim at the water falls

Poof said...

How to get there is listed in the post under "Travel Info" near the bottom.

You are not allowed to swim at the "Linville Falls." This area is further along the creek, maybe a ten minute drive away.

Hope you found it!