Nov 20, 2020

In Which I Find Myself in Boone .... but not empty handed

I'm working in Boone, NC for a month in Nov/Dec 2020. I was a little embarrassed when my host saw how much stuff I brought with me. The thing is, one entire suitcase is full of art supplies. Another, crochet supplies. I'm working on a huge blanket for a Christmas gift and it takes up a LOT of space.

But the art supplies....

I was playing with my markers this morning and feeling so happy I brought them along. Do markers make you happy? I know there's a whole people group of marker enthusiasts out there, it's not just me. Right?

When I was very young, my parents used markers as rewards for nights when I would sleep without the hall light on.  Apparently, it was before night lights were invented. I remember it was a difficult choice - the hall light or a new marker - I was scared to death of the dark, but those markers won out. And here I am 50 years later, still carrying markers around with me (AND a nightlight) (But don't tell mom and dad).

As for Boone.... I landed in town in time for a gorgeous sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I unloaded all my stuff, slept and returned to the Parkway for sunrise in the Stack Rock / Rough Ridge area. I think these shots are from the Yonahlossee overlook.


Have a wonderful Friday!

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