Mar 13, 2016

You might be driving in Ireland if:

You might be driving in Ireland if: 
  • You see a Dan Dooley car circling the round-a-bout a few times before choosing an exit.*
  • You can’t understand the traffic signs.**
  • You are going 130 kmh on the N69 trying to catch the ferry.
  • You see many Dan Dooley cars doing U-turns or pulled over while the driver gazes at a map.*
  • You notice all the deer crossing signs have cows on them.
  • You see a tractor pulling a trailer of hay bales, going 15 kmh on the M50.***
  • You see a Dan Dooley car taking a turn on 2 wheels, narrowly making his turn.
  • The town you enter proudly displays its “TidyTown” award.
  • You see a farmer using 16th century castle remains for their cows and donkeys.

* At Dublin airport, you can rent an Avis, a Hertz or Dan Dooley.  A Dooley comes with no GPS.  GPS is ten euros a day extra in a Dooley car.  If you're saving cost by renting a Dooley, you're not paying extra for the GPS.

Having said that, my Dan Dooley rental was great.  It was a modern, nice car in great shape and the staff were all very nice and helpful.  If he has the best rate, go ahead and rent from Dan Dooley.  I am mocking the drivers here, not the rental company.

If you haven't driven on the left side of the road before, follow someone first for about fifteen minutes until you get the hang of it.  Then get out of Dublin, visit Dublin last after you become proficient in left-side driving.  

*** The M highways are what Americans call Interstates.
** Crazy traffic signs.  Here's a few:

Travel Ireland:

Rent your car from Dan Dooley.  But unlike me, pay extra for the GPS!
Stay at Ireland BnBs.

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Anonymous said...

Those signs are so funny!!

Renting car in Ireland said...

With all the road signs no one will miss their way which will make the travel more enjoyable especially when you travel in a car rental in Ireland