Apr 5, 2016

Rock Climbing in Ireland

End of post contains travel info.

While traveling in Ireland, if hiking, rock climbing or mountaineering is your thing, get in touch with the awesome people at the NUIG Mountaineering Club.  The Club membership is limited to students, alumni, staff, etc. of NUI Galway, but they'll give you good advice and let you hang a little.

So I found a few of them climbing up a rock face, smooth like a baby's bottom, on Day Four of my drive around Ireland.

I was headed up the Wild Atlantic Way from Doolin towards Galway, having just dropped my jaw where the choppy shoreline meets the dry, hard and deserted Burren. (more on that in a later post)

I laughed out loud at my Irish luck, and with windows down, music up, I screeched to a stop and fell out of the car with my 300mm around my neck, pulling me like a dog on a leash.  I used a rock like the one above as a tripod and took pictures of other people having a GREAT time, off the couch, away from electronics, in the wild outdoors of Ireland.  They smiled at me and I smiled at them, they waved at me and I waved at them and we were all so doggone happy.

The guys told me they were with NUIG and later told me that this area is called Ballyryan and is situated between two villages, Fanore (to the North) and Doolin (to the South.)

They went up...

 ... stretched...
 ... and went back down.....
Cray, cray, if you ask me, but fun.

I'm not going to climb up a rock that's smooth as a baby's bottom, but I'm sure going to spend as much of my life outdoors as I possibly can.  And on the road, too!

Travel Ireland:

Rent your car from Dan Dooley.  But unlike me, pay extra for the GPS!
Stay at Ireland BnBs.

Driving in Ireland.  My first Ireland Post.

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