Apr 7, 2016

Minimalism: Grocery Consumption. Tips on Minimalist Living

When my kids grew up and moved out, I began to think about downsizing, which led to a surprising discovery that I was part of a burgeoning reinvention of a "minimalism movement" and I wasn't very unique at all.  (Stories of other minimalists. Ways to ease into minimalism.)

I began with the Tiny House Movement and built a 750 square foot apartment in my husband's enormous shop on our property in which I could live.  Unfortunately, I quit blogging in March of 2014 so I could devote my spare time to salvaging the un-salvageable and I did not document my journey into minimalism.

After a tumultuous year in my new habitat, I am loving it! 

Basically, I want to own less, maintain less, consume less, spend less.... you get the picture.   One day I decided I want to go grocery shopping less.  Thanks to my local high school FFA, I have my cucumbers, squash and maters started, I'm not talking about producing my own food though.  I mean this:  Use what I have.  See how long I can live without purchasing groceries.

I challenged myself to empty my fridge, freezer and cabinets without purchasing more stuff.

I'm now down to some weird stuff, probably stuff you'd imagine:  a whole box of white rice, a bottle of Lupo's Spiedie Sauce and no meat for it, peanut butter, bread crumbs, a few eggs.

Today's creative meal was so good,
I have to share:

Ignore the hotdog in the very old bun.  Although it was good. (Applegate Farm's organic, nitrate-free, grass fed,etc.)

This is the good stuff:  I made some minute rice and topped it with sauteed onions, green beans and broccoli. (with Happy Cow butter) The best part:  I sprinkled half a lime and half a lemon over it and that turned it into something crazy good.

It's the small things that make life so grand.
Live Small.

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