Tuesday, April 1

These Boots were made for Walkin'

I took 10,362 steps yesterday and all but 2,602 were in these boots. Now that’s serious. Tom’s office has divided into teams which are competing as to which team can walk the most steps a day. I was recruited. I was begged to join. I was probably fought over for all I know. So I donned my pedometer yesterday for the first official day of competition.

Now, I’ve never worn a beeper or cellphone on my hip, never wore anything on my hip before except maybe 10 boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mints and that sort of thing, but never anything metal. So when I afixed the pedometer to my hip, it felt odd, bulky, in the way, annoying. . . .Until that first time I scooched my shirt back to adjust the pedometer and realized I felt like I was a smack talkin’ cop in Law and Order and I was packin’ heat.

Oh, yes, that changed everything. I then slipped on the high heel sidewalk-smackin’ boots and the leather jacket. Then I did my hair Farah Fawcett a/k/a Charlie’s Angel syle and I was ready, sister, to go bust up a crackdown . . or smackdown… or whatever it’s called. All day long I was scooching my leather jacket back, adjusting my sidearm and giving punks the evil eye. Before I knew it… I scored over 10,000 steps!

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Anonymous said...

You are truly a nut case with attitude! I love that about you!

<>< Debra