Mar 8, 2008

Boston or Bust

"Mama, I see Heaven over there!"

We landed in a blizzard in Cincinatti, it was so cool to see the ground covered in snow. We even exited the plane outside and walked through the snow to the airport. Very cool.
It's been raining steadily since we arrived in Boston. We went to Harvard Square for lunch and to the Curious George shop. Patti and Eva decided to rest and dry out while Tom and I walked part of the Freedom Trail in the downpour. We carried this loooooong loaf of Italian bread all around with us and shared it with Patti back at our place. Yum... bread and butter for dinner.

Looking forward to visiting two churches tomorrow and hopefully traveling in the sunshine.

We can eat anywhere in Boston and we eat at. . .
Boston's Kwik Karry??

Celebrating our 23rd year of wedded bliss. Espresso and whipped cream puff in the Italian North End.

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Marjorie said...

Ok mom just cuz u got a blog now, and even blog on vay-k, doesn't mean that u can order me around to blog consistantly. Aww cute umbrella picture! Wait, that was my umbrella wasn't it? I needed that thing!! lol Well hope yall r havin fun. I miss Eva. Oh and I guess I miss all yall too. sike i do. for real. lol Lata Skata!