Mar 26, 2008

B's Back!

B's back in town, making a brief appearance over spring break. They don't come out of the cave long enough for me to see him much. Looks here like he might be winning.

The boys came out long enough to go to Marj's game. We played HKT and won something like 21-3. Marj looks here like she's thinking "Oh, yawn, another run." We were able to give all the players a lot of practice, it was nice. Most games thus far have been very close; we've won several, we have a good team that works hard, good leadership.

Drove by the church on our way home (took the route past Pizza Stop) and it looks like the birdies are enjoying the birdseed we threw over Nikki and Joey after the wedding.

The boys started to morph around 1:00 a.m. The body can only tolerate so much XBox HDTV radiation. I went to bed. Seems like since I hit 40, I've been morphing into something else, too.

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David said...

Ahh the good ole days when I got to take spring break........