Mar 5, 2008

I'm Watching My Kitchen Floor see what's going to happen to it. I mopped it with grill cleaner fluid, totally by accident, but once I started, I thought, "Hmph. Might be good stuff." Hey - if it can clean the gunk off the grill, imagine what it can do for a kitchen floor. And then I started imagining.... exactly what it could do to a kitchen floor. Now I'm nervous. So I'm just watching and waiting. If the whole thing gets eaten alive, I wouldn't be surprised.
Oh - you're probably wondering - I was cleaning the laundry closet and found the grill cleaner from a hundred years ago and decided to finally throw it away. I threw it in the trash bag, set the bag on the kitchen floor, came back later and found something leaking from the bag all over the floor. I began to mop it up and realized it smelled good, smelled like windex. So I spread it around and mopped while I was at it.
- tune in tomorrow -

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