Apr 25, 2008

Debra Thomas Ain't Got Nothin' On Me

After riding in Debra's 67 Punchbug, I had to go get me one.
This one fit my budget. Tom's off backpacking the Art Leob Trail for the next few days, but when he returns, he can fix this baby up for me.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! My husband would love coming home to that project.

I've been pondering your original post about self-denial. I hope you wont mind my recommending a book though I haven't read all of it yet. Holiness By Grace by Bryan Chapell. my 2 cents

ssummer said...

YOUUUU MIGHT BE A REDNECK IF....oh never mind - the cinder blocks are missing.

The Seeker said...

Hey! Quite copyin'!

All you need is a couple cans of paint, and maybe a wheel or two! You can get that thing runnin' yourself, Val! Quite waitin' on a man!

Poof said...

Thanks, Denise, I'll check it out. UWanna.... Aint no way I'd get near that thing with my delicate hands. YES, I'm waitin' on a man. Of course. . . you n me together... now... we might could fix her up.