Apr 30, 2008

His True and Perfect Ways

I’ve been listening to the Newsboys’ 04 hit cd “Devotion.” The song “I Love Your Ways” is really reaching me today. God is so good. His ways are always best. Sometimes I feel like I wallow in His ways, let them flow over me, around me, so comforting and peaceful. I know that my own ways are destructive by nature, unsound and usually misconstrued, often going awry. If I just trust Him and follow His lead, the walk will still be bumpy and painful at times, but it always leads to a good place.
The song goes:

I love Your ways (Your true, Your perfect ways)
I love Your ways (so beautiful to me)
lovely always (and faithful to restore)
I love Your ways

and when I tire, they bring a second wind
a word in season, a gleam in Your eye
I lived so long under basement floors
the flickering lights, the windowless gloom
I'm here to stay in the upper room of Your ways
ah, the room of Your ways

If you’ve hit rock bottom, if you’ve been at the end of your rope, turned to God and found His grace and mercy, then you know what this song is all about. If you’ve been sick and tired of yourself and suddenly saw yourself in God’s loving eyes, finding your self worth because of what Christ has done for you, sister, you know what I’m singing about.

Maybe like me, today, while you’re rejoicing in God’s redemption, maybe someone you love is tangled up living in sin “under basement floors, the flickering lights, the windowless gloom.” You probably know someone so totally deceived, dancing with sin, unaware of it’s destruction, it’s slavery, and finally, it’s betrayal. Maybe your heart is breaking for them, as is mine.

It’s my prayer that you can sing a new song today and trust God’s love and faithfulness and goodness. May you feel His loving comfort today and wallow in His ways, His true and perfect ways.

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