Apr 23, 2008

Holy Smokes

Remember my post with this photo where I indicated something was lurking over my shoulder. . . the picture implying it might be a lion. . .figuratively . . . my words indicating it's a spiritual issue . . .

It hit me today:

I think . . .

. . . it's Joel Osteen.

Now don't everybody jump on me at once. I haven't worked through it all yet. But I'm telling you, I don't have good vibes from this man and never have.

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ssummer said...

Me, too. Read his daily devotional for about 2 months a year or so ago. But the topics always seemed to turn to material blessings. Maybe I'm being too harsh and didn't dig deep enough - but I'd rather do the digging in my studies of the Bible than in the commentaries of another human.