Apr 17, 2008


Well, my previous post was prophetic. (say that three times fast) No, I didn’t play; I worked. But the verse . . . now, that is where things got interesting -- the whole idea of looking in a mirror and forgetting who you are afterwards. Those of you who have been following my blog know that I like to pretend. Certain articles of clothing, a particular scent, certain songs, etc, can convince me that I am indeed someone else for that day, say, maybe a cop on Law & Order or something, or the Apostle Paul on Mars Hill, right?

So yesterday, as I was working, I popped in my Jorge CD Patti brought me back from Salamanca, Spain. The entire CD is in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish, but really, how important are lyrics? Most people don’t know lyrics anyway, think:

Bennie & the Jets. Who knows those lyrics? Yet we all run around humming it. See… you’re doing it now.

(Click on this link and play the music, minimized, while you finish reading; this will greatly enhance your experience.)

So lyrics . . big deal. I love this CD anyway. The music sweeps me off my feet into a world of my creation. Example: The song, “Ya Es Tarde.” As I listen to this one, I think it is about me -- the singer -- and I am gently crying as I walk along the beautiful Valencia shoreline with a Mediterranean breeze in my hair. I have to leave my country, the beloved land of my birth, to go to Sudan and build an orphanage. My heart wants to go, alas, my heart wants to stay.

“Bailar Contigo” is a suspenseful song in which I’m in on a big secret – something big is going down, Slick. I’m running down wet cobblestone, rain streaming down my face. When the music gets mellow, we are cuffing the bad guy. It is very sad for his madre, who is watching from a small stone window above a bakery.

You know, come to think of it, some of the lyrics seem to be English, probably for rhyming reasons, because in “Mirame”, near the beginning, it says “do the hand trick.” And in “Quiero Mas Y Mas”, he almost clearly sings, “I mean you no disrespect.” Of course that makes me wonder what he’s singing in Spanish that requires an apology in English. Speaking of apologies…. Please accept my apologies if you know Spanish and these songs are filthy and I’ve exposed you to them. I really have no idea what they’re about.
Adios, mi amigos.

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