May 22, 2008


Patti and I donned our pedometers and went out for a walk the other night. She and I are members of the Sole Sisters walking team and we needed to rack up some miles toward our walk across America.
So.... as we walked down a road meandering through woods and pastures, Patti spotted a fox guardedly watching us. I thought that was pretty unusual. Our fox population in this area has been increasing, but we don't usually see them.
We continued at a fast pace and Patti saw two more foxes running away from us into the woods. Is our area becoming over-run with foxes? And that evoked the following question: What is the plural for fox? Patti suggested Foxen.
I am taking a much needed break over the holiday weekend and am going to play a little bit. I probably won't be blogging again until Monday.
I'm going blogless.
Before I leave, I do want to introduce something new. . . Reader Submitted Photos. Each day, I'd like to post a new reader-submitted photo. You have to send me the photos via email. I think this will be an interesting way to merge our worlds.
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

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