May 13, 2008

A Mongo Mother's Day

We had a very special Mother's Day this year. We dug out the last known remaining Mongo Bat in 21st century America. (This is the 21st century, right? I'm not good with numbers) Here's Steve taking his best hit. I think he really gave it his all, check out his face. His stance looks like a bunt was forthcoming.

It was no bunt.

Here's B to your right. He had a couple good hits. The Geasor's still back there coaching him. It's hard to let our kids go.

Here's the Gastonia Geasor out of retirement. If I recall, this was a spectacular hit that got B to second base. Notice "home plate" there a little behind him -- it's a Nike sandal. Gotta love homemade ball games.

To the right is Carleen sliding into home. Her hubby can barely contain his excitement. Like those NCA gouchos, by the way, Carleen. They're almost as nice as my G.B. shorts if you know what I mean.

To the left is Lisa choosing her pitch. I think I even saw her give some hand signals to the catcher. Nobody can pitch a Mongo Ball like Lisa, even in 30 mph winds. Awesome, babeee!

Miss Pops is on the right, she got some good hits. She was a good fielder/2nd baseman.

On the right is a great shot of the guys golfing after our round of Mongo Ball.


And where, you might ask, was MOTHER on Mother's Day???

Watching Us!


Anonymous said...

This a test comment. Vern says he can't comment so I'm testin it. GO MONGO BATS! BRING BACK THE MONGO!

Marjorie said...

One might also ask where ur daughter was. hmm..
NOBODY TOLD ME YALL WERE PLAYING MONGO BALL!! I was asleeping! And as soon as I go out there everyone stops. Story of my life.

Lori G said...

I've been looking to buy a Mongo Bat as a sentimental gift for a close friend for quite some time. Any chance you'd be willing to part with yours? Let me know via email response. Thanks alot......

Poof said...

I don't have your email address, can you post it?
We are trying to manufacture more mongo bats. You can read about it: