May 18, 2008

A Promise Fulfilled

My sweet, sweet, sweeeeeet great-aunt Becky left us Sunday morning. She lived a wonderful, Godly life, but the past few weeks brought great decline in her health. My grandmother is the last remaining sister of 5 and saw Aunt Becky a few weeks ago for the last time, in fact, the only time in about 6 years. What precious timing! They had a great reunion and parted slowly, knowing the weight of this "goodbye."

Aunt Becky taught my Sunday School class when I was quite small. I can remember how she would collect the money "for Jesus" and how I just knew she was saving it all up in a can and would take it with her when she died and present it to Jesus personally. I had no doubt she was the person Jesus would choose for such a task.

Even though I am grown up now and understand that's not the way it works, I can't help but feel like a promise has been fulfilled.

This is my favorite picture of Aunt Becky and Uncle Harold. He passed away quite a few years ago. She must have missed him so! They look very different here from the aunt and uncle I knew. I just can't imagine them in those surroundings and dressed like that. I love it!

Together Again.

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David said...

WOW, I never knew Uncle Harold was such a snappy dresser back in the day! We sure are going to miss Aunt Becky a whole lot. I have many great memories of spending Sunday afternoons at her house playing with Dan and Paul. I attribute most of my love of chocolate to Aunt Becky, she always had a bag of Hershey miniatures up in her china cabinet which she always shared with us.