May 21, 2008

Tag . . . You're It

Denise charted her "Top 5" and tagged me. Here is my response. Consider yourself tagged, too. Answer the following questions and report back to me.

5 things under $5 that I couldn't live without:

Starbucks iced raspberry mocha (barely meets the criteria)
Library card
Target $1 reading glasses
Reading sunglasses
Ravi Zacharias Podcasts
5 Favorite Movies (in no particular order…)

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Top Gun
Murphy’s Romance
Places in the Heart
5 Baby names I love (aside from the 5 that belong to my kids... )
Pook a loo ka la
Sweet Pea.
Songs I could listen to over and over again (I can’t limit this one to 5).
Living Sanctuary - but I like Michael W. Smith's the best
What If - Jadon Lavik
You Are Holy - Michael W. Smith
Lose My Soul – Toby Mac
Made to Love You – Toby Mac
Everything by Jack Johnson or Norah Jones or Rich Mullins or Newsboys
Jorge Gonzales Dikelame
5 People who have influenced me in a positive way:
Tom S. (husband)
My Parents
Pastor Babij and Calvary Bapt. Church
Pam Hilbish
Beth Moore
5 things that are always in my purse:
mini hairspray (I know, Marj, I need to get rid of it)
highlighter pen
dental floss (yes, I use it while I drive) (but,hey, I don't re-use it like some people I know)
5 moments that have changed my life forever:

I’ve never been real successful with change. . .
Hmmmm. . . . think. . . think . . . think . . .

Becoming a Christian
Getting married
Giving birth
Moving to PoDunk (is that a bad word?)
Turning 40

5 Obsessions I have now:

Starbucks iced raspberry mocha (duh)
Blog Mania
Jon & Kate Plus 8
5 places I would like to go:

Thessaloniki, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Ancient Corinth, Greece
Athens, Greece
Dubrovnik/Dalmatian Coast (which is kind of close to Greece and maybe we could just stop by there)
5 appliances or kitchen tools I cannot live without (I don’t like them, don’t have many, don’t spend much time in the kitchen):
Coffee maker
Hand crank can opener
Awesome ice cream scoop
OK, microwave, but I don’t use it much


Anonymous said...

I have not met many other people who would admit to Ya-Ya being one of their favorite movies! Thanks for playing

David said...

Have you ever thought about taking a vacation to Greece I am sure you would love it there from what I hear about it anyways.

Marjorie said...

here's a link to my thread. or wutev.
so everybody check out my 5's.