Thursday, May 29

Wagener. . . on steroids

In my White Squirrel post, I forgot to add that at the end of the evening spent in Brevard, NC, Tom sighed, "I like Brevard. It's like Wagener on steroids." (personal note to Grayson: "mini brevardo")

OK. So . . . back to our Memorial Day Weekend. As you can see from yesterday's post, we went to Krispy Kreme. The HOT NOW light was flashing, what could we do??

We had been
driving for 3
hours by this
time and were
so ready for a
donut break.

We went to the Cascades Lake Recreation Area, which is a fancy name for campground. We had to set up our tents after dark, made more difficult by the fact that the boys' tent had no tent poles. Hmmm.... wonder where we left those?
Eva and I played a round of Go Fish while the guys got a campfire going.

Preparing for our 7 mile hike on the Art Loeb Trail; sadly, we were rained out of that pleasure.

We spent the next few days playing in the local creeks and waterfalls. We hiked and had picnics, it was a lot of fun. I'll attach some of the best photos below and let you figure things out for yourself.



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