Jun 2, 2008

Going Green With Your Graduation Gown

I will discuss going Green, but first . . this just in . . .

"B" now stands for Big Bucks.

As you can see, B made out well with his graduation. For 13 years of school, I think he netted $40 a year. Not so great as far as gigs go, but since he was forced to do it anyway, it's a nice little profit. He packed it all up and headed west on a mission trip. Maybe that "Go West, Young Man" history lesson stuck. I was impressed. Some kids go to Myrtle Beach on Senior Week, not B. He is working on a mission construction project. I'm proud of him.

Maybe he'll use some of that cash on some "gatoregg" as Eva calls everyone's favorite energy beverage. (I had to get Eva in this post somewhere)-

So... I was looking at all those caps n gowns at the commencement exercises (what a misleading phrase, yet we continue to use it year after year after year even though in this politcally correct nation, we should ditch the word "exercises" so fat people will attend equally), and I became consumed with the desire to go green. Everyone's doing it. You know, recycle and stuff. So I'm thinking. . . I have purchased 7 graduation gowns thus far and I will be purchasing 4 more in the next 7 years. I tried to re-use some, but was informed this is impossible. The graduation package is a whole package. My child could not graduate without purchasing the whole package, including the lovely gowns. I understand someone is making money, but we need to save the planet now and quit saving money for crying out loud. I want to recycle the next 4 gowns I will be purchasing, so here's my plan:

Gown #1: Make a Pillow Cover Out of It. This woman makes it look so easy. She even says,

"Now, if you are not lucky enough to have a bunch of old Graduation Gowns laying around waiting to be made into these simple College themed pillowslip covers, then try...."

Ahhhh, but I AM! I AM lucky enough to have a bunch of old graduation gowns laying around!!

Gown #2: Turn it Into a Du-Rag for my Bad Hair Days. Yeowsa. I so need that. Here's the directions for those of you who, like me, suffer from the occasional bad hair day. This is a picture of Natalie on one of her bad hair days. She's a sweetie, but she is around 3 years old now and her hair is much better; don't send me hate mail for dissin' a baby.

Gown #3: Curtains, baby! Oh yes, we're talkin' real glam. I will be the talk of the town with my new graduation gown curtains. Hmm, which college should I send Marj to so I can get the gown in a color I need? We must start school shopping immediately.

Gown #4: Transformed into a Work of Art. You heard me. A work of art. I love, love, love art. Love working with color -- markers, crayons, adhesive, fibers, photos -- bring it on. So the thought of my little darlings' graduation gowns showing up in a future collage or pinata absolutely makes my heart sing! And, oh, the chill I get thinking about it, listen to this, a direct quote from the work of art link:
"Also, children can place strips of any graduation gown in the spokes of their bike instead of baseball cards."

My my my my.
Now that would be a work of art.
I must donate our gowns to my friends with small children who still ride bikes, ahem, DOUG.

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Anonymous said...

Next project...prom gowns!

<>< Debra