Jun 18, 2008

Inside the Mind of a 20 Year Old Male

So we went camping for a weekend recently and left our 20 year old son home because he had to work. After a day or two away, I phoned home to hear his voice and see if the house had burned down yet or anything like that. I expected something unusual, maybe the dishwasher overflowed or his laundry turned pink, something along those lines.

What I got was this:

"Mom! The cooler at work went out! and they couldn't sell the stuff in it! so they offered it free to the employees! i got 20 half gallons of milk! 4 gallons of milk! 5 cartons of orange juice! 10 dozen eggs! 6 mini strawberry milks! 5 mini chocolate milks!!!! 19 country crock butters! 6 imperial margarines! 2 cans of buttermilk biscuits! and 4 spray cans of whipped cream!!!!"
I said, "Huh?"

He began repeating it until I cut him off, "Where did you put it all? What are you going to do with it?" He was so excited.
This is what 20 year old guys get excited about? This is what they do when they're home alone? I never knew.

So when we got home two days later, guess what we spent the evening doing . . .
. . .delivering lots of refrigerated groceries to our friends and neighbors.
And, yes, some of it spoiled. He forgot to add ice to one of the coolers he had filled with milk. Wonder what he was thinking about when he did that? How do you put stuff in a cooler and not add ice?

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Unknown said...

Your son is a genious- btw do you have a pic of him?