Jun 20, 2008

What is She. . .

. . . 5 years old??
Any parent of a child under 8 can tell you what my 17 year old daughter is doing in this picture.
Trying to rob a vending machine!
At the fish hatchery. We purchased some fish food from this machine for our 3 yeard old granddaughter. When I next glanced that way, I saw Marj beating it, shaking it, kicking it, jamming her fingers all the way in it trying to get some free fish food.
What's up with that??


David said...

Maybe she was just hungry.

Anonymous said...

I know about those kids and vending machines. Emma, not yet 2 years old, checks out the hopper and coin return on each gum ball machine at the grocery store. At least, Marj was trying to help animals!