Jul 15, 2008

Good, Old Fashioned Fun II

We went to the Big Mo last weekend, what a hoot. Talk about some ol' timey family fun. They have a playground, a little choo choo train and a little ferris wheel now to entertain children while we wait for the movies to start. You pay one price and get to see two new releases. What was really cool. . . during the movie, with crickets chirping nearby, I looked up to the sky and gazed at the stars. -- You can't do that in no big time city movie theatre.
Tom S, getting so tired of me documenting every moment of his life.
(PS: notice my nice chair for movie viewing)


Anonymous said...

You said your chair is for movie viewing. Did you mean to say movie sleeping?

Unknown said...

How about we see a picture of Tom actually working? You know, doing something? ;)