Aug 27, 2008

The Fish

So at the beginning of summer, we took a tremendously fun trip to Bryson City, NC. (If you missed it, read about it here and here.) But let me get back to my point. . .

Tommy and Eden caught a couple of what seemed like the world's largest fish and what seemed like a good idea was to bring those suckers home. Upon arrival at home, Tommy and Eden both said they had no plans for the fish. ---
Not yet ready to part with such gems, they decided to stick the fish in my freezer. Heads, eyeballs and all.

I cleaned the freezer yesterday, two months after the fish moved in, and discovered the forgotten fish when we came, ummm, eyeball to eyeball.

I took them out of the freezer and decided it was time for them to leave. I cleaned and rearranged my freezer and set the fish aside so I could mention them to Tommy and Eden when they came over for dinner, in just a few minutes, y'know, let them dispose of the fish.

Guess what. . .

I forgot all about the fish.
I left them sitting out beside the freezer.
Tom found the fish tonight, unbelievably stinky and bloody.
(I found it quite humorous, but he wasn't too amused.)

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