Aug 17, 2008

NY Hwy: Greetings From . . . ummm.... hmmmm

Guess what. I'm southbound on I-81. Been that way since noon today and it's now 9 pm. So, I'm somewhere in Virginny. Well, of course, I am at a Starbucks, if you want to be exact, but one somewhere in Virginny. I've driven steady and am seriously enjoying this break.
Sometime during the morning worship hour, my GPS started kicking in and telling me to do a U-turn and get the heck out of dodge. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it -- travel on a Sunday/Monday and be to work by Tuesday.
So..... I had to present my new plan to Rene'. With fear and trembling, I approached her. I didn't want her to think that I was leaving too early and we hadn't had time to bond yet.
But I have to admit we bonded last night. See photos to the right. We watched her all time favorite movie "The Notebook." Here we are boo hooing. Well, I am boo hooing. She is scarfing down popcorn. (oo, yikes, i need to get my eyebrows waxed)

So we cried thru the movie and then went to bed and went to church which led me to my current position: driving home a day early.

Pennsylvania was all construction, as I expected, and we cruised along at 19 mph which gave me time to examine all the mile markers.
Can you see to the right, the milemarkers are every 1/10 of a mile. For instance, this one is marking 92 1/10 mile. A moment later, I found 92 2/10 marker, then 92 3/10, etc.
Why would one need to mark every tenth of a mile?? I just can't figure this one out. Did they need to create extra government spending to install these signs?
Maybe they knew we'd all be going only 19 mph and might need to mark the tenths of miles to feel like we were actually going somewhere?
If so, well, I appreciate their consideration, it gave me something to do and made the miles just fly right on by. (19 mph explains why I am only partway thru Virginny after 9 hours on the road)
But please, look to your right, now honey, these are what I call mile markers. OK, reach mile
marker 92 and I get a Hershey kiss. Mile 93 gets me a Reese's. Then, as you see, Miles 94 and 95 keep at a steady pace with the Reese's. Then, sweet darlin', the crem'dayla crem, if I succeed to reaching Mile 96, I get a Hershey's mini chocolate.
Then, of course, the process starts over.
Thanks, Rene', for my goodies, they came in handy as you see.
Zoiks. I'm being kicked out of starbucks. Can you imagine?? After all I've spent on this company???? They want to close up and go home.
Guess I'm hitting the road. I'm wired up to go to Charlotte, ETA, 2 a.m. and scare my parents half to death. heeeee heeeee heeee.


Anonymous said...

Your head must still be mushy from all that crying. You said you were driving south but the way you described the mile markers everyone will think you are heading north (mile markers go from approx. 232.7 to 0 as you head south thru Pa).

from your mothers ex-driving cousin

Poof said...

Yowsie! No wonder it takes me so dang long to get anywhere.