Aug 20, 2008

In Their First-Ever Blog Appearance, May I present:

the infamous,
party people originals:

Ed & Betty Duhlmeier

Can you tell we're related?

Betty and Ed always stop in Charlotte for a quick visit when passing through on their vacations down south. They are New Yorkers, of course. Mom and Betty are cousins and have a long history, always have a great time together.

So when I arrived in Charlotte enroute from NY to SC, I popped in on the gang taking their lunch break.

Is that surprise or fear on Betty's face?

Mom is thinking, "Oh, this is gonna be good." and dad is thinking, "Poof, get out while you can!! Run!"

See, Tom, I can read minds.

Over the course of lunch, I discover that Betty has found the deal of a century, but didn't want to commit to it, so Lisa hid it in the store in case Betty wanted to go back and purchase it.

(tom calls this "Masology" - the practice of Maslar-unique stunts to outwit the public, the most common of which is dividing up a large pizza order among 6 people, thus engaging 6 coupons and foiling whatever big plans the pizza company had designed)

Upon completion of lunch, we all followed Betty and Lisa back to Macy's to retrieve the hidden

"But 'cept" (as tommy used to say) But cept we had a small problem: Betty couldn't find the shirt and Ed failed to put it's coordinates in his spanky new GPS.

So Lisa shoved Betty out of the way and took the lead. She is like a K9 police dog when she's at a big Clearance Event.

The thrill of the hunt.

They found the shirt. I get emotional when I see this picture. It is very moving.




We had to celebrate the catch so we went to Starbucks where I related the whole story to Carleen, who, herself, is an accomplished foe for Lisa and Betty at a Clearance Event.

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Anonymous said...

speaking of which, I went to the other Steinmart and found 2 jackets on sale and I paid $20.00 total. Eat your heart out! : )