Aug 15, 2008

Personal Note to my Mom

Dear Mom,

You know I love you -- even more than tennis.
As a kid, I was quite a menace.
Sometimes when I play act, I'm Elaine Bennis
Tonight, without you, I went to Little Venice.


Anonymous said...

And I always thought there was "no" evil in you now I see I was mistaken! I hope the bread was stale the rigitoni hard and the sauce spoiled! Not really honey glad you got there even if it was without me.

Poof said...

It was all awesome! I had rigitoni, manicotti (PATTI!!) and chicken parm, of course, the bread. Andrew's parents got it for the rehearsal dinner. She and I toted it across town in a small car, filled to the brim with Rocky's food, smelled so good!!