Aug 2, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I was JK yesterday when I suggested a surprise party for my birthday, so imagine my "surprise" when lo and behold they gave me a surprise party! First, I got a wonderful call from my mother in law who helped me do the math to see that I was only 44, not 45. So that got my day off to a great start, I got a whole new year on life. I spent the day in the big city lollygagging and met my daughter and granddaughter for lunch. They acted like that was it, I wouldn't see them anymore today. (lie)
My son called from Charlotte and said he wouldn't be home today, (lie) he was staying over longer. My other daughter said she was going to the beach for the weekend (lie). So I thought thank goodness Jen was having us over for dinner for my birthday. Well Jen met me in Columbia to stall me a little and she got a call telling her to stall me even longer. She didn't know how to stall me until, bling, the light bulb went off and she had a great idea: she'd pull over and throw up. Brilliant. Isn't that what you would do? Here's Jen re-enacting her fake throwing up. I thought it was odd - why would she be throwing up after Starbucks? Was the milk spoiled? She also said Ross called and he had a small grease fire so we were going over to my house, then out to eat. Grease fire. Throwing up. I was beginning to think something was up.
Then we stopped at her house so she could freshen up and I didn't smell anything cooking in her house. That was suspicious.
We got to my house and everyone popped out and yelled surprise and then I realized how all the pieces fit together. Lots of odd things that had been happening all week suddenly made sense. I've got some awesome friends! We had such a great time, I'm so glad I got to be with them. Here are some highlights:

Marj came eyeball to eyeball with a mouse.

One of my party guests set a mouse trap by the couch.

We began a rip-roarin' game of Quiddler, our new favorite game.

Jackie and Debra cheated with the dictionary.

Jimmy pulled out his new reading glasses for his turn.

Jen romanced Connie when Summer Lovin' came on the radio.

It appeared an all male revue was arriving, but I was mistaken.

The games continued . . .

The Bell Bottom Ballroom got some of us dancing.



-But by far the best of all was my husband renewing our marital pledge and asking me to marry him again, despite our many failures in 23 years of marriage. I was absolutely speechless. So much so, he was taken aback, as was everyone else. It was a couple minutes of stunning silence.
We are going on a second honeymoon to Californee in September, driving along the coast from LA to San Francisco. Or would that be driving down the coast??


Anonymous said...

What a PERFECT birthday! You have a great family and lots of wonderful friends, so glad they surprised you. A second honeymoon eh--------------hmmmmmmmmmmmm will there be more grandchildren after all.......................

JMaslar said...

I am glad that you were surprised, but it took some great lies. It pays you back for the lies you and Hunk told for my 50th so long ago!

Marjorie said...

Haha we had some great moves goin on Friday night!! lol That was a great party, so much better than mine. Even though there was a mouse!!! But still, the highlight of the evening was the definitions for HORTICULTURE!!
LOL good times good times.

wiselaura said...

Happy belated birthday!! LOL
Wow!!! That sounds like one amazing birthday! And it sounds like you really enjoyed everything. I wish I could have been there but I didn't get back until yesterday.
Your blog is wonderful and I will be reading it from time to time. (I love the way you write! )
May the good Lord bless and keep you.
Thanks for sharing. :o)