Friday, September 12

Spinning the Wheel of Wow

My 4th and 5th grade Sunday School students talk excitedly about their Webkinz every single week. I have to pull hard to get them back on track to study God's word.
Webkinz is kind of like MySpace or FaceBook for young children. You buy a stuffed animal that comes with a code. Enter the code into the computer and you get your own little space in this webkinz community. Your literal, physical stuffed animal has a virtual online counterpart.
Since I can never talk with the kids about their Webkinz, one of my wonderful (now teacher's pet) students purchased a webkinz for me, my very own webkinz!! I didn't know what to do with it, so I had a swim party and invited them to install my bear (which I named Mr. McGrath) (old high school math teacher) (sorry, Mr. McGrath if you're out there) on my computer and teach me how to navigate Webkinz World. See below, they are trying so hard to teach me. Also notice the physical Mr. McGrath lounging atop my monitor.
You know what this means, right? Everyday I have to log on and send/receive messages, feed Mr. McGrath, give him some exercise, play games to win more food for him, etc.
Reflect, for a moment, if you will.
Every day.
Every . . . single . . . day.
... am starting to fantasize about a WebkinzSPCA.
OK, well. That was a nice break. I must get back to Mr. McGrath now. I will spin the wheel of wow and earn some food for him.


Anonymous said...

NOW you're scaring me!

Jen said...

dont forget everynight at 10pm you can also spin the wheel of do i know this you ask??? my son begs me every night to do it for him, since his bedtime is before then.

Poof said...

Everybody altogether now:

Happy Birthday, Jen!!!

Driftwood said...

Knowing your parents, I am surprised that you are able to comprehend the thought patterns necessary to surf this game, blog, or whatever it is.

Happy birthday Jen

Renee said...

Oh my word, I had Mr. McGrath, too!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!