Sep 13, 2008

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Guess what I am doing every time I'm in my car???? Dude, it's a scientifically proven method, I can't fail.
Ich verstehe einbizehn Deutscher.
I am so gonna rock Munich.
1. rock munich. CouchSurf!
2. rock berchtesgaden. the Alps!
3. rock vienna. Cafes!
4. rock budapest. Hmmmm
5. rock prague. The spires!


The Seeker said...


How awesome! Bertesgaden is THE most beutiful place you will ever see! Not that the other destinations are in Mannheim for 3 years gave me a good local to tour around. Go on and do the Eagles' Nest thing, but don't look down!


Anonymous said...

Do they have any Starbucks there? I can not believe you would go any place that did not have at least two or more.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! There was a driftwood sighting this morning.

And you will never guess where that sighting took place!

A Starbucks. Imagine that! A Starbucks.........

Who'da thunk???

Poof said...

Describe Driftwood, bitte.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for you Val,to come in and have some fancy coffee, etc. You could have sat with me and not even have known it.