Oct 18, 2008

Germany III: Prost!

I laughed until tears were rolling down my cheeks. What a hoot. We were leaving our Berchtesgaden hotel and decided to use what appeared to be the elevator for the first time. Tom had both 50 lb suitcases and I had all the other bags draped all over me. The doors opened. T stepped in first. I started laughing right then. The elevator was tiny. He and the suitcases took up all the space. I squeezed in tight.

- pix = us leaving leaving germany.
My button choices were 2, 1, and an odd thing like a Euro sign, let's say ^ for the sake of this blog. So I pushed 1 for, perhaps, first floor - lobby. We went up. Oh, yeah, I forgot Rick Steves said in Europe, the first floor is often called 2. So I pushed 2. We went up some more! I didn't even know the motel went up that high.

I was really laughing hard now. I pushed ^ and was thinking it must be the lobby, there were no other choices. The doors opened. It was not the lobby, it was the floor we started out on -- our floor. I pushed 2 again. Later, pushed 1 again. I was laughing so hard at us riding all around on this tiny, little elevator.

-pix = austrian countryside

Finally, T convinced me the elevator must start on our floor and go up. Anyone on our floor or below needs to simply use the stairs. So we got off on the same floor on which we entered and took the stairs to the lobby. We simply had a five minute ride to nowhere. I was crying by then, laughing so hard, thinking how stupid we must look. Surely, someone was watching and getting some enjoyment from this.

That got me to wondering when is the last time you laughed that hard? Afterwards, I felt great. I felt as if I had just exercised and was all relaxed, energized and refreshed. Generally, Connie can make me laugh that hard. And my cousin, Julie, she could always do it, too. Find yourself a buddy today and have a laugh on me.
pix = bavarian alps


pix = our first walk in Vienna
(look to the left of the white horse's head - green awning - you know what that means..... starbucks.)


Anonymous said...

Oh no. Don’t tell me, even Vienna is becoming Americanized. A STARBUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!. What a beautiful scene being ruined by American pop culture.

Marjorie said...

We just had a moment.
Because in my blog, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying too!
in that pic with Logan. I mean balling them tears was pourin out it was sooo funny.
=] i think yall should call me cuz it's been a while.