Oct 17, 2008

Germany III: Um Wieviel Uhr??

T & I climbed into the Jennerbahn sub-like capsule, shot out the chute and began our ascent up Mt. Jenner, hands up in the air like we were on an American roller coaster. When we jerked to a stop at the top, we tumbled out at 1800 meters, we had reached snow level.
Gute Reise, Baby!

Mt. Jenner is in the Berchtesgarden Land Park on Lake Konigsee. Apparently, when it snows, this is a ski resort. The view is fantastic, breathtaking. We could see dirt roads like veins spreading all over the surrounding Alps, on which were several backpackers (color Tom:envious). In Winter, these are cross-country ski trails, which must be amazing.

ATTENTION: if you are at a national park in a nation in which you don’t speak the language & you hear a foreign announcement on the PA system, you might want to inquire as to what was announced.
Because, see, we didn’t.

We ignored the foreign announcement, maybe even admired the sing-song sound of the foreign language and we proceded to hike higher. After our hike, we returned to said ski resort & noticed all the people were gone and nobody was out enjoying the terrace. We walked up to a locked building. 1800 meters above the town, 5 p.m., in a cold, nearly dark, foreign land. In that split second where my brain registered “Bogus, dude!,” a park attendant grudgingly came back, muttered, unlocked the door, & let us in. We were the very last people to ride the Jennerbahn back down the mountain. I had flashbacks to being the last two people boarding the plane and I concluded If we have nine lives, we’ve used 2 and have 11 more days to go . Do the math. We’re gonna run out of luck.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic views. Would love to see them in person if only I didn't have to travel to do so. If we think these views are so great, can you imagine how glorious Heaven will be?

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Guess what I ddi from 4:45am-7:06am today? Won't keep you guessing.......looked at your blog back through June! Just playing catch up. But had to quit before I could go back all the way. Now I need a nap! Keep those beautiful shots and thoughts coming.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you weren't trapped on top of the mountain!