Oct 11, 2008

Gooten Tac

Am in tiny internet cafe overlooking the Bavarian Alps. Having trouble with the language barrier.
I have brief memories of running thru the airport, snarfing a pretzel, being the last two people to board the plane in pittsburgh. Got all buckled up only to find big trouble, really big. #Had to deplane the 767 of 3 or 4 hundred people, switch to gate A18. T and I leave the crowd and go to gate 20 4 the peace. Pilots and stewards n stewardesses join us. T decided to make sure pilots do not go to the bar while we wait. Pilots then put couches together and nod off to sleep. Surely not a good sign since this was the time they expected to be flying.

Suddenlzy US Airways paging Agents so and so. I perked up. Agents? Cool. I like that. That is better than a pestle and mortar for changing my life. I want to be Agent. Hmmm. Agent Deuce? Agent Slick? Agent Ink?
Well, so sorry. Ech toot mi lite. Must Run. internet time over, must go climb the alps. I will finish another time.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious but you did not say if the internet café you went to was a Starbucks.