Oct 31, 2008

Jesus is Coming: Look Busy

It was while I was in San Francisco, enjoying quiet time in the most beautiful of settings, letting my mind wander, drifting in and out of prayer, that I began to give credence to the acceleratingly negative feelings I've experienced over the commercialization of Christianity.

In it's most innocent form, marketing Christ via consumer products is intended as an evangelism tool. In my experience, it rarely succeeds at that. - Marketing Jesus as one would market Coke, "The Real Thing," and the "Got Milk" craze that led to the "Got Jesus" craze - felt superficial to me as though Jesus was a refreshing by-product of a good life, but I didn't raise any serious objections. -- Seemed prudish at the time.

Through the years, as the marketing increased, my sentiments intensified accordingly. It's as if we are being indoctrinized to keep Jesus at a casual distance, to utilize Him in a convenient and efficient manner, much as we would a t-shirt or jewelry.

I'm very much concerned that hypercommercialized Christianity slights doctrine, reduces evangelism and discipleship to an ineffective, albeit comfortable, level and reduces faith to a small asepct of one's life, much like exercising or eating right. Odd that these thoughts were culminating during my stays on park benches with the homeless in San Francisco, but that's what was going on. I was studying Hebrews 5:8 - 6:3. -- Very convicting in a city inhospitable to disciples of Christ. While there, I did see a new Jesus T-shirt that I found very revealing:

"Jesus is Coming: Look Busy"


Anonymous said...

I do think they can be great evangelism tools, but i do cring when i see someone wearing a tshirt with a message on it and and doing things that are against what he teaches. I myself, have been in situations where i was wearing one of our youth or FCA tshirts and something happened to where my response could have been negative, but i was reminded that I was reflecting Christ's attitude and so it affected my attitude. Superficial as it may be, it did help me.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed emotions about these so called religious items and sayings
. On one hand it is like a feel good thing – makes everybody feel like they are a Christian even though their life shows just the opposite is true (Obama for example). Then there are those occasions when they lead to wonderful opportunities to share the Gospel. I have a friend who was home on furlough from Japan when someone commented on the shirt he was wearing. My friend immediately took the time to witness to that person about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It’s nice to know that the Lord knows the heart of the individual .HE will not be deceived!!