Nov 24, 2008

Funky Town, Gatlinburg, TN

We've been going to Gatlinburg for 17 years, yet Emma found someplace we'd never been before.
  • Funky music.
  • Flashing Lights.
  • Dark Corners.
Carleen & I saw this sign at the same time. We looked at each other. We looked at the sign. Back at each other.
Oh yeah, this has us written all over it.

We popped in our tokens & cranked up the musak.
(Click here to listen.)
"gotta make a move to a town that's right for me, a town to keep me movin', keep me movin with energy..."

OK, so we're having trouble moving. A little help, please. How do you operate this thing??

Jen was on the sideline telling us what to do, being the superfreak that she is, she's superfreaky. So she says we watch the screen and it will tell us upon which spots to put our feet and when. Apparently, it goes so fast, that if we follow it precisely, then we will be dancing like John Travolta. We believed her.
Now you can see, clearly I'm getting the hang of it, my 70's disco days are coming back to me, but Carleen, well, she's having trouble, she's just a young whippersnapper and not that familiar with disco. She's probably never even been to Funky Town before, and trust me, sister, I've seen Funky Town, I may have even invented it.
-But wait a minute..... UhOh.....


Check her out!

(I think she was following the instructions, whereas it appears I was simply doing the swim 1 dance) (however, in my favor, at least I don't look like Mary Poppins)

1. THE SWIM You do The Twist with your hips and legs and do all sorts of swimming (or diving) motions with your hands.


Tom S said...

Well you've talked about it, talked about it, talked about it, talked about it, and I know you want me to take you there, but, you know, it's a down real estate market and everything, so maybe we should put off the move to Funky Town, at least for the moment.

JMaslar said...

It is for girls like you that Ben Gay was invented. Just happy to see that you survived.

Anonymous said...

I like the way those stretched photos make you look taller and skinnier! : )Let's get our groove on sista'!

The Seeker said...

You sound like someone who needs a Funky Town ringtone on her phone..I myself prefer Boogie Oogie Oogie...