Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving!!

You shouldn't be here.
You should be:
  • sleeping off a huge meal
  • watching football
  • fighting with family
  • hiding Aunt Dot's pea soup
It's Thanksgiving! Quit reading blogs, updating twitter or facebook & pretending to be working.
Go... enjoy your family!


Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving Val n Tom!!

Driftwood said...

So what are you doing on your blog instead of helping your poor dear mother fix another meal for you - wait a minute - it's only 1 am and you are at your folks house - so how come you are not resting so you CAN help her this morning instead of making her slave over a hot stove while you and Tom relax in a hammock?

Poof said...

Tom was up cooking the turkey and dressing at 6:30. I hired out the labor.

Driftwood said...

That is nice of him. Good for you and your mother also.

David said...

I don't think that is Tom in the hammock.

Poof said...

No, of course, it's Cousin David in the hammock, nosing all into our business.

Bugrettta said...

Aren't you lucky to have a cousin like "cousin David"! He's the BEST!