Nov 14, 2008

Life is an Edvencha

Look who I found peeking around a corner in Columbia yesterday . . .

(David & Renee's daughter) (...of "Cousin David" fame)

We were just out & about, y'know,
another day, another dolla...

Had to get some groceries.

(this looks like the movie "Honey, I blew up the parents")

Gotta put those kids to work young these days.

And then there was the usual TON of construction going on around town.

Is that Papa Abernathy supervising in the background?

Criminellis, then we were hungry, had to stop in at the diner.
Here's Tom & Renee at the counter.
We had absolutely the cutest cooks and waitresses ever!

Alexa loved working the colander, work it, girl!

Patti was thrilled with her fish sandwich from Eva.

At 5:00 Quitting Time, had to paint the town and find some live music.
Errr... sorta live?... partly live?

And no evening outing would be complete without a ride in the sunset!

Big, big THANKS to Edventure Children's Museum, Columbia, SC
where a kid can be a... grownup.


JMaslar said...

Hoe did know that David would be in the pictures?

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow. Cousin David wasn't in any pictures, was he? How did that happen? Maybe he turned over a new leaf.

Anonymous said...

It is great what they have for kids to educate them while they are having fun. Ross Park zoo in Binghamton, NY has a building for kids with fun educational things to do like the ones in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! And who is the talented person that wrote Eva & Alexa had fun on the board & can I get a copy of it??? :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that David in the 3rd picture down? Looks like a Masler nose.

Poof said...

Yep, that's cousin dave. Good eye, you must be a regular reader quite familiar with photos of Cousin David.

Anonymous said...

My eyesite is a lot better than my mind. David should have a FURMAN/CROCKER nose not a Masler one.

Anonymous said...

Driftwood, get a grip. Maslar is spelled MASLAR, at least some of the time, that is.