Nov 16, 2008

October Recap

B came down. Got a little lost, but he eventually made it.

Check out his cheerleader in the next photo:

This was interesting. At Light the Night, our alternative 2 Halloween, I caught Connie and Sandra with a secret stash. They actually confiscated some candy and hid it inside an abandoned podium.

And later, look at this -- Sandra is shoving Brielle out of her way at the candy bucket. Oh yes she did.

I was often amused at Eva's love for our kitty. Here she is giving the poor thing a nice ride. I have tons of pictures of her dragging that kitty around in horrible positions, and that kitty just lets her do it. So sweet.

Eva and Patti spent a weekend with us and made their jackolantern while they were here. Eva really was a good worker.

Gotta love those pumpkin seeds.

By now, Eva was tired of pictures and refused to be in this one.

Happy Fall!

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Anonymous said...

Even without you telling us that it was the weekend I could tell because Patti and Eva are still in their PJ's even though it is very obious daytime. Love your pictures of your kids but where is David? Not too crazy about that picture of me in photo of the day. The Marine Corps does not take too good of a picture.