Nov 2, 2008

Sumo Cum Laude

I'm so proud. My daughter took on the daunting Brielle in the second women's sumo wrestling event of the weekend. The first event consisted of two of her friends duking it out in which one friend ended up with a concussion.
So, yes, I was quite nervous while Marj battled it out.
I was actually putting my money on B to win. If there's one girl tougher than Marj, it's B. But I think they were stopped before either officially "won."
So let's break it down, step by step.
Here's Christie saying, "Don't let them anywhere near the fire!"
God gave us Christie's gentleness to balance out Billy's brute force.

& here's some brotherly/sisterly love goin' on. How Sweeeet:

Yeah, well, the brotherly love thing was a trick, he suckered her in:

Here's some real love, "Give Aunt Marji a kiss!":

And then, the moment we've all been waiting for!

The fight begins:

B looks like she's out for blood.

It took me almost an hour to upload this one video, so Joey and Grayson's fight will have to be in another post when I have time to upload the video. Ethan and Trevor's fight was afta dark
& didn't turn out at all on my camera. Well.... the audio was good. You can hear Ethan scream like a girl.

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Tom S said...

I'm so proud. I'm going to tell everyone that my daughter is graduating Sumo Cum Laude