Nov 9, 2008

Weekly News Digest IX

Couple told too heavy for plane takeoff. The link. With all the flying & eating we've been doing, this one scares me. They were seated in the back of the plane when the flight attendant asked one to move forward to even out the weight.

Driver follows GPS onto train tracks. The link. Driver says he was just following directions, police say drivers should pay attention to the road, not the GPS. I'm tellin' ya, that female voice on the GPS is very alluring, mesmerizing. The people got out, but the car was hit by a train.

Woman arrested while wearing a cow suit. The link. I was afraid it might be Carleen on her recent visit to Chick-Fil-A. There is no explanation for why this woman was wearing the cow suit, but she was drunk & disorderly. Cow suit, we can handle; drunk and disorderly cow, no way.

Naked Japan Major nabbed with women's underwear. The link. The dude went in a convenience store naked because he "thought it would be funny if he went into the store stark naked, that it would surprise people." Ya think? But here's my favorite quote: "Papers were filed against him on suspicion of indecent exposure." Suspicion? Suspicion of indecent exposure, you mean they weren't sure, they just suspected he was naked? If you think about it, that's quite an insult.

Your Odor: Unique as fingerprint. The link. I love how they phrased this: "your body has a signature odor." Sounds charming. My favorite quote: "These findings indicate that biologically based odorprints, like fingerprints, could be a reliable way to identify individuals," said lead author Jae Kwak, a Monell chemist." That's not news to me, buddy. I can walk in a room, take a honkin' sniff and tell you who's been there. And trust me, sometimes this gift is a curse. I could see me at a line-up sniffing each person and telling you which one was the criminal.

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