Dec 19, 2008

Another New Job?

Thanks to alert reader, Debra, for suggesting I apply for this job.

That's all I have to say today. Seriously concerned I may have stopped seeing the amazing stuff.


Anonymous said...

Fifteen bucks an hour? You can make gobs more if you check this one out:

Oh wait! You aren't old enough for that job. Tsk, tsk.....too bad, kiddo. Leave it to the oldies to rake it in.

I'm trying to get Driftwood to apply.

Driftwood's significant other

Anonymous said...

Well, someone once told me how to earn a living by working a 4 hour work week. So I started to do what he told me to do, since I was retired and enjoying not working at all.
Now the results: After 4 months: I am working 30 hours per week and I have earned a total of $4.48. He, however, is now working 4 hours per week!

The Seeker said...

Well...did you apply? It's like a Barney Fife type thing! How fun is that?

You still got it, girl!