Dec 3, 2008

Weekly News Digest IX

Colossal squid stops traffic in Wellington. The link. My favorite quote: "Because the specimen is going to be on display, having an alcohol solution isn't the right thing in terms of health and safety. We're actually testing this glycol mixture, so it's quite exciting." Mmm hmmm. Quite.
Man swallows stolen earrings at FL mall. The link. Creative. I don't think I would want them back, would you? He faces charges for "tampering with evidence."
Deer gets revenge after hunter shoots him. The link. Hunter shoots deer. Deer fakes death. Hunter approaches. Deer rears up and begins stabbing hunter with antlers. Brief jousting ensues. Hunter shoots deer some more. Deer limps off and dies. Hunter, leaving trail of blood, makes way to hospital for treatment. What say me? It's about time. Go Bambi!
Dine and Dash gang nabbed on facebook. The link. They ate. They rang up a $340 dinner bill. They skipped out without paying. What went wrong? Dude was interested in a former waitress and the restaurateur looked at waitress' facebook and found his diners mugs and entire life history right then and there on America's biggest social network.

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Anonymous said...

will u send me that pic of eva and libby?