Dec 1, 2008

You Need Emotional Outlets

It's the season of Charlie Brown shows & it has gotten me to thinking about Tommy's contraption & the Maslar genes in general. The more I watch Charlie Brown, the more I notice the familiarities.
Remember the countless times Lucy tricked poor Charlie?

To avoid this, Tommy spent an afternoon hooking up some pvc to replace Lucy. Very successfully, I might add.
Here we see Robby modeling it for us on his last visit home. They were like little boys again out there kicking all day long.

You need emotional outlets, Charlie Brown."

"What kind of emotional outlets
would you suggest?"

"This football is a perfect answer. There is no better
emotional outlet than kicking a football. To sum it all up in one phrase, Charlie Brown, you could
'kick away your faults.'"

Enjoy the Charlie Brown Season!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Charlie Brown specials! They've always been a family tradition & now we're starting the tradition w/Alexa!! LOVE IT!!!!