Jan 28, 2009

Chess 4

At last.... a way to play chess with four people! Very interesting. Adding 2 more players to the mix changes the whole game.
Chess 4 has several variants. We played the singles version, every man for himself. Once someone is checkmated out of the game, the person who defeated him/her can use the rest of his/her pieces along with their own. In this case, I was the first one out. Another variant is to play in teams where allied forces cannot eliminate each other. Wish I did that.
In the photo below, Tommy & Eden look allied, but they weren't.
It was Carolina v Carolina all the way.


Anonymous said...

We have found this to be a good alternative to Quiddler. I'm just saying.

The Seeker said...

Well la-ti-da, Ashleigh! I think it is the 11th commandment, "Thou shalt not dis Quiddler"!