Jan 9, 2009

The Odd Couple

Many years ago, Marj & I were watching an episode of the original Odd Couple in which Oscar & Felix were dining out when suddenly Felix had an asthma attack. Something about the original clip was hilarious and how Felix said "Fna!" while breathing out his nose. Occasionally, ever since then, Marj or I will suddenly say "Fna!" and crack up.

So I attempted to find that original clip on you-tube, but I couldn't find it. Below is a cheap imitation of it by the more recent "Odd Couple" movie, which isn't nearly as funny. Following that clip is a clip or two of the original Odd Couple in case you are a fan and need some good laughs.


Anonymous said...

I remember Fna! What age bracket does that put me in?

Anonymous said...

I remember that one, too, but I'm sure it was an oldies marathon or rerun or something.