Feb 25, 2009

Book Review: Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana, a novel by Anne Rice

I am not a huge reader of Christian novels, I just haven't found the right fit for me, except for maybe Terri Blackstock. So when I saw this book on my library shelf, I grabbed it half-heartedly and figured I most likely would not read it. I mostly wanted to see what kind of novel could be made out of the life of Christ. I mean, the greatest book of all already tells His story, how can you beat that?
Anne Rice wrote a very distinctive book. I found myself mesmerized. Rice managed to credibly portray what the human side of Jesus could have experienced. While taking very limited liberties with the account of Christ as told in the gospels, Rice brought his culture and social existence to life with vivid, poignant scenes, aspects of his life that aren't always addressed in the gospels. It was emotional at times, enlightening, humorous, & very empathetic. I enjoyed the book, devoured it. It motivated me to read parts of the gospels again and see Christ in a new light, from a different angle.

I very much recommend this book, it's such an intriguing concept. For a very in-depth review with emphasis on the doctrinal differences, which I agree with in every detail, click here for my hero, Tim Challies' review. My review probably should have just been: "Yeah, what he said!" But, as opposed to him, I do think the book is well worth reading.

Then, if you're looking for Christian fiction, I also recommend any of Terri Blackstock's work & here is a link to one of her books.

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Edira Putri said...

wew, i didn't know Anne Rice writes Christian Novel..
hmm,, worth reading^^
thanks for the info..