Feb 13, 2009

Charles M Schulz 1922 - 2000


Nine years ago today newspapers around the world published Charles Schulz's final Peanuts comic strip, one day after Shulz's death at 77.
Schulz was an only child, growing up in Minnesota in the '20's and '30's when Barney Google and Popeye were the prevailing comics. In 1934, he was given the dog Spike, which became the inspiration for Snoopy. From 1943-45, Shultz toured Germany, France & Austria while on active duty in the Army. From 1947-50, Shultz was pedaling his cartoon Li'l Folks and in 1950, United Feature Syndicate bought a month of strips & renamed it Peanuts.
Books, toys, greeting cards & tv shows then followed. In 1967 another favorite hero of mine, California Governor Ronald Reagan declared May 24 "Charles Schulz Day." The accolades are too many to count, click here for a timeline of events. Schulz spent the rest of his life dedicated to his Peanuts Gang. It's often speculated that he put much of his own anxiety and angst-ridden foibles into the Charlie Brown character. I suppose only his family knows which characters really exemplified the real Charles Shulz.
I grew up with Peanuts. Charlie Brown was in our genes. Snoopy came alive in our house. Snoopy screened our dates before my sister & I could go out. We dance like Linus & Lucy & PigPen. We can sing all the words to Snoopy & the Red Baron, even Gen Y can sing that song around here. You must click that link and watch the video.
I love the Charlie Brown shows on major holidays. My granddaughter admires Linus because he sucks his finger and has a blankie just like her. We curl up and watch it together, her little fingers caressing Blankie the whole time.
I'd love to hear how Peanuts was a part of your life. (read: Pleeease dont' say I'm alone in this). Drop a comment and share your story.


LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

I remember that Sunday, and figured he must've known it was coming, KWIM? Peanuts is one comic I always read when I get ahold of a newspaper.

One of my favorite "Peanuts" moments is in the Christmas show, where they take that little tree that Charlie Brown got, and Linus wraps his blanket around the base to help it stand up. Precious!

Anonymous said...

I remember whenever it was near a holiday & a Charlie Brown special was going to be on, that my aunt would call us & tell us when it was on & what channel & we'd all sit in front of the t.v. & watch it. That is a fav memory! Now, I try to find out when they're on so that I as a parent can watch them with my little girl!

I agree w/KentuckyGal about that part of the Charlie Brown Christmas special--that is so sweet!